Using our soilless wildflower turf we can give you an instant wildflower meadow of your choice. We also use the unique MeadowScape Pro which is medium with wildflowers seeds embedded within which gives outstanding results in very little time. We not only prepare the best growing conditions for the wildflowers, but will give ongoing maintenance to keep the meadow in its prime year in and year out.

Creating Wildflower Meadows

The English Lawn Company is proud to be an Accredited Partner with Wildflower Turf Ltd and can offer several alternatives in obtaining the best wildflower meadow or border for your garden.

Wildflowers in a garden not only add vibrant colours but also play a vital role in supporting bumblebees and other pollinators. They provide nectar and pollen, essential for the survival of these beneficial insects and contribute to a thriving, biodiverse ecosystem.


You can choose the innovative wildflower turf which gives instant results and is grown on a soil less mat or the unique pre seeded growing medium which gives amazing results and is ideal if budget is an issue.

Or we can sow the top quality seed that is produced by Wildflower Turf Ltd. This is the cheapest option but requires the patience to wait a couple of years before the meadow will be at its best.

In all cases The English Lawn Company will prepare the area and give the wildflowers the best conditions for growth. 

All the customer must focus on is the watering. Wildflowers will need less maintenance than the traditional grass lawn and, in most cases, will require only an Autumn cut. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A wildflower meadow is an area of land where wildflowers grow naturally and often flourish without human intervention. These meadows are characterised by a diverse array of native wildflowers and grasses. Un Wildflower meadows are designed to mimic natural ecosystems and support local biodiversity and can either replace or grow in harmony with a traditional lawn.
The English Lawn Company provide many varieties to suit the site and the customers requirements and desires. The range from Native and Non-Native species to mixes of grasses and wildflowers.

The English Lawn Company undertake the preparations to give the wildflower meadow the best chance to grow and survive for many years.
The English Lawn Company use various methods to install the meadow. Our soil-less turf can be laid all year round. We also use a unique seed enriched growing medium which gives superb results in a few weeks and this laid between April and October.
During it formative year the Wildflower Meadow may need several cuts especially if the soil is particularly enriched. The English Lawn Company can provide a cutting service to ensure the meadow is at its best.
Its amazing how quickly our pollinators move in. With our specialised Wildflower turf Bees will be present in a matter of weeks.
We can offer many varieties according to the environment and aesthetics of the site.
We offer 3 methods of installation from Wildflower Turf to a seed enriched growing medium to wildflower seed. Prices vary from each method. The turf already has established plants growing in it and the price will vary from species and method. We offer a free No Obligation site visit and quote which clearly shows all the costs involved from site preparation to supply of the wildflowers and any ongoing support. We can offer a monthly Direct Debit.
The English Lawn Company offer a service which stretches from initial installation to a cut and clear service according to the need of the meadow. We try to use a scythe where possible to save using petrol tools. We also offer advice and guidance when required.
Wildflowers can be installed as a large meadow or a small border. We are committed to providing our customers with the chance to attract bees and other pollinators into our gardens and to do this on an ongoing basis where the meadow survives for a number of years with good management.
We offer a free no-obligation site assessment and quotes. We discuss the various options available and what would be the best method of getting the best result. We would also advise the customer against any installation if the site was not suitable although this would be rare as we believe there are options for all sites.