Whether its repairing or renovation of your lawn The English Lawn Company loves creating lawns that are lush and green and weed and moss free. We provide the expertise to make that happen and keep your lawn healthy year in and year out.

The Essentials for a Lush Green Lawn

Achieving the dream of lush green, weed, and moss-free lawns while simultaneously nurturing vibrant wildflower meadows may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and a year-round strategy and with The English Lawn Company it’s entirely possible to realise your vision by using our experience and knowledge.

The English Lawn Company tailor their service to the customer needs. We carry out soil tests and advise on the best treatment for your lawn. This could be a complete renovation or just removing weeds and moss. We aim to give our customers a beautiful lawn which is lush green and weed and moss free. 

We offer a set of 3 programmes again suited to the lawn and the customer and these provide a year round service which protects the grass from weeds and pests

We start by testing the soil to determine its pH and nutrient levels and work towards amending the soil to create a balanced and healthy foundation for your grass.

We only use grass seed and other products such as top dressing and fertiliser which is top quality and has been thoroughly tested and produces excellent results every time.

By creating the best conditions for your new lawn, it has every chance to succeed, and you only have to maintain the mowing and watering regime. The English Lawn Company will assist you at this stage to get the best results.

The English Lawn Company can then undertake an agreed programme designed specifically for your lawn to keep it looking in tip top condition throughout the year.


Our Packages

Basic Package

Treatment 1 – Spring Fertiliser. Promoting plant growth this gives your lawn the kick start it needs for the new year ahead.

Treatment 2 – Weed Treatment. This involves using a selective herbicide to rid your lawn of weeds and gives the grass the best conditions to grow. If required, an Organic feed will be given to stimulate growth.

Treatment 3 – Summer Feed. Applied June-July we add an Organic feed. At this time, we will also consider a wetting agent to
combat any prolonged hot spell

Treatment 4 – Autumn Feed. A mix of organic granular feed and bio-stimulants to focus on promoting root growth as well as a moss deterrent product of liquid iron.

Treatment 5 – Winter Feed and Moss Control.
Liquid treatment of feed and iron to feed the lawn and ready it for the cold winter months

Enhanced Package

This scheme is the Basic scheme with the addition of aeration once or twice a year.

Using a specialist machine, aeration is beneficial for lawns because it helps improve soil structure, promotes better root growth, and enhances the overall health of the grass. 

By perforating the soil with small holes, aeration allows for better air exchange, nutrient absorption, and water penetration. This helps alleviate soil compaction, encourages the development of a robust root system, and ultimately leads to a healthier and more resilient lawn.

Aeration is an essential for the discerning customer who wants their lawn to stand out.

Complete Package

This is our premium package and includes everything within the Enhanced scheme with the addition of heavy scarification overseeding, top dressing and fertilisation.

Any lawn levelling will also be completed.

Being a premium package, we also include any weed and moss control on any hard surface.

This package gives you a lawn which is green lush and weed and moss free.

Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends the weather and as a rule you should cut the grass frequently to keep it healthy , but we would advise never to cut more that one third off at a time as this stresses the lawn. . 
At the English Lawn Company we vary our fertilisers to suit the season and the condition of the lawn we are treating. We can advise on fertilisers throughout the year but do recommend investing in a programme tailored to your lawn. We have access to Organic Fertilisers that are only available to professional Lawn Care Companies.
Aeration simply allows the soil and lawn to breathe and allows the lawn to take up nutrients to get it to peak condition. There are several methods of aeration to simple spiking to Hollow Tine where plugs are removed from the lawn surface.
Having a good cutting regime where the blade is sharp and clean coupled with adding a good organic fertiliser is a great way to battle weeds as the grass will eventually dominate.
We aim to be as organic and eco friendly as we can. Sometimes the only option from the outset is to use a herbicide to give the area the best start and when we have that we can offer a completely organic Lawn Care Service.
With The English Lawn Company you can be assured of a fantastic personal service backed by a technical programme which keeps you totally up to date with quotes appointments and correspondence, so we are totally transparent. We are committed to getting lawns right for the customer and will work endlessly to achieve that. We love working with the soil and organic products giving the lawn every chance of success.
We provide a free no obligation quote which is clear and concise and lasts for 30 days. For customers on one of our programmes we offer a direct debit option without any contract and which you can cancel at any time. We also offer payments on our customer portal or by cash or BACs.
After we have completed any renovation or repair all the customer must do is water and mow the lawn and we offer guidance on this to achieve a lawn which is lush and green and weed and moss free. The English Lawn Company will seek to remedy any problem in good time with no fuss.
We operate all year round and we are committed to ensuring lawns are ready for the coming season and that any issue is dealt with promptly and effectively.