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Claire had inherited a tatty bumpy front and rear lawn from the previous owners.

She also wanted a small border of wildflowers down one side of her front lawn to add colour and variety.

Design and Build

We set about the rejuvenation by firstly cutting the border for the wildflower. Claire had chosen the Native Enriched Variety which was a perfect choice for the sunny spot she had chosen.

We then cleared the lawns of weeds and these were mostly broad leaved weeds which we were actually able to remove by hand ensuring we took out all the tap roots. This lawn was then scarified and aerated and then a top quality seed and top soil was added and compacted in to ensure good all round contact and give the seed the best chance of success.

The same system was applied to the rear lawn.

The border was cleared of weeds and then we added the unique Meadowscape Pro growing medium to the new wildflower border. This is embedded with wildflower seeds and we are always amazed how quickly the shoots start coming through.

After the rejuvenation of Claires garden we had a real long period of rain which was perfect growing conditions and all Claire needed to do was check on progress which we all agree has transformed her garden.


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