Our Goldies at the English Lawn Company

You may come to think we love our dogs at here at The English Lawn Companys HQ and you are dead right.

We especially love Golden Retrievers as they have proved to be so great with children and never let us down.

We have had quite a few in our lives and we currently have the beautiful Nellie who is six years old and her Uncle Otis who is nine years old and lives in the village with my daughter Sophie and her family. He spends a lot of time with Nellie and they are a great source of fun and comfort. They were bred in Corfe Castle by a great friends Lizzie and Rupert Spicer Short whose dogs spend time in hospices as comfort to people at the end of their lives.

We recognise that dogs play a significant role in our lives by providing companionship, emotional support, and numerous health benefits. Their unconditional love and loyalty often help people through difficult times, offering comfort and reducing stress and anxiety. They can be great listeners, offering non-judgmental support, and their presence alone can bring joy and a sense of purpose to our lives. Moreover, the routine and responsibility of caring for a dog can also contribute positively to mental health by providing structure and promoting physical activity.

At the English Lawn Company we have surrounded ourselves which bring us joy such as wildflower meadows and beautiful lawns and gardens which we share with our dogs and family. If you would like the same in your life please contact us and we will bring the same to you.