Creating Leaf Mould Compost for a Healthy Garden

Ever wondered what to do with those leaves you seem to be forever raking or blowing off your lawn because you’ve been told to get them off the grass well now put them to good use by creating your own leaf mould compost.

Remove leaves and debris from the lawn regularly, as they can smother the grass if left in place over the winter. Put any leaves in black bin liners which have been pierced. This makes great leaf mould in time and is fantastic for compost. 

All you must do is gather your leaves, and make sure the bags are well filled. Tie up the ends of the bag and make several air holes in the plastic as this stops the leaves going horrible. Now leave them somewhere in your garden out of the way. Be patient with this now as it could take a couple of years to create the best leaf mould for composting.

When ready Leaf mould will be quite dark in colour, and it is now ready to start improving the drainage and structure of your soil. It maintains moisture and helps supress those weeds.