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Creating Leaf Mould Compost for a Healthy Garden

Ever wondered what to do with those leaves you seem to be forever raking or blowing off your lawn because you’ve been told to get them off the grass well now put them to good use by creating your own leaf mould compost. Remove leaves and debris from the lawn regularly, as they can smother […]
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Our Goldies at the English Lawn Company

You may come to think we love our dogs at here at The English Lawn Companys HQ and you are dead right. We especially love Golden Retrievers as they have proved to be so great with children and never let us down. We have had quite a few in our lives and we currently have […]
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Buzzing Beauty: The Bumblebees of the UK

When you think of British wildlife, bumblebees might not be the first creatures that come to mind, but they play an essential role in the UK’s ecosystem. These fuzzy, flying insects are not only charming but also vital for the pollination of countless plants, including many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy. Let’s dive […]
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